Sovereign Arms in the State of Texas



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C. Guttin, B. Laigle, K. Sullivan – France 2

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After the mass shooting that took place in Texas on Tuesday May 24, some Americans are looking for solutions to prevent these repeated shootings while the right to carry a weapon is enshrined in the Constitution. In the state of Texas, possession of a weapon is even authorized without a license and without training.

Texas is perhaps the most gun-loving state. In Del Rio, an hour and a half drive from Uvalde, on the street or in the shops, carrying a gun is part of everyday life for Texans.I have a rifle there, under the seat. I lift and it’s just within reach“says an American. To get a gun in Texas, nothing could be simpler: you just need to be American, be 18 and go to one of the biggest supermarket chains. Behind the counter, the guns are lined up. They cost between 250 and 800 euros.

David hood owns a shooting range.You go to any gun shop and you say ‘I want this one’ “, he declares. No training or license is required. The store only checks whether the buyer has already been sentenced by the courts.99% of the time everything goes well, but there is always an exception. How do you want to frame evil?“, asks the man.

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