Sound stimuli will be tested to guide the weakened killer whale in the Seine towards the sea

The prefecture of Seine-Maritime recalled that the animal was not “intended to evolve separated from its group, nor in fresh water courses”, and that it could “be injured or sick”.

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Time is counted. An orca in difficulty in the Seine between Rouen and Le Havre will be attracted to the sea using sound stimuli, announced Friday, May 27 the prefecture of Seine-Maritime. On the basis of the proposals made by a group of experts and to take into account the degraded state of health of the animal, “the decision was made to favor a gentle intervention method”said the prefecture in a statement.

This intervention will consist in monitoring the animal remotely by a drone and broadcasting sounds emitted by a population of killer whales to attract and guide the killer whale towards the sea, its natural environment.

On Wednesday, the prefecture confirmed the presence in the Seine of this “male killer whale, protected and wild species” in the state “very weakened”. The prefecture recalled that this animal “naturally does not have the vocation to evolve separated from its group, nor in fresh water courses. It could be injured or sick.” Calling out “avoid any gathering or crowd near it” who could “putting this wild animal in danger but above all represents a risk for people”the prefecture announced several measures “so that the cetacean is not approached”.

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