soon a Béarn Elon Musk? “Nothing should be prohibited”

What is your roadmap for these two years of office?

We will be keen to grow the community, that it gets to know each other, that it takes pleasure in sharing highlights that already exist or that are new…

What is your roadmap for these two years of office?

We will be keen to grow the community, that it gets to know each other, that it takes pleasure in sharing strong moments that already exist or that are new, such as the “Meet your start-up” evening, where large groups and institutions meet innovative companies.

To find funds?

One of the missions of French Tech is to attract talent and investors, but this is about experimenting with large groups. They identify a need associated with a budget for innovative companies to offer solutions. It is about creating synergies and collaborations between the two. It is fundamental. In the same vein, one of the missions is to bring innovative companies in the territory to major innovation organizations, such as CES in Las Vegas, Viva Tech in France, etc.

What purpose ?

There is a need to see how things are going elsewhere, to challenge our solutions with other companies, to find partnerships, markets, distributors outside our borders… Via French Tech, it is important that the ‘we relay a certain number of opportunities that start-ups can seize to go to a bigger market. This is already the case with Holis, for example. Most of their figure is outside.

From there to imagine a Béarn Elon Musk?

Absolutely, nothing should be prohibited. Before being in Silicon Valley or whatever, they were in territories. Large cities do not have a monopoly on innovation. It’s up to us to promote the nuggets that we have on the territory. You have to keep the ambition.

And yet, the gap between Paris and the provinces still exists…

We can reduce it but there will always be a gap due to the number of start-ups concentrated in Paris. It is up to us to capture opportunities in Paris to bring them back to the provinces. The Parisian ecosystem is open to start-ups in the provinces from the moment you give yourself the means and the desire…

Our territory is agricultural. Can agrotech be a specificity of French Tech Pau Béarn?

On our territory, agrotech has a significant share that must be claimed, but we do not have a very precise vertical. French Tech encompasses innovative companies. We have a wide variety of companies, in the geosciences, in finance, in packaging, in the optimization of deliveries… Each has its own place.

The Digital Transition no longer has a State Secretary in the new government. Should we be worried about it?

I don’t think so because there is so much that has been infused. At major innovation events, the French Tech banner is one of the most present among all the countries in the world. So I don’t see French Tech falling into oblivion.

It is a sector, however, quite fragile…

There are more breakages, so it is important to support, to mobilize funds, to make the territory attractive. But this is the sector where we see the most significant growth. If we consider the number of jobs created by innovative companies, we realize that the fragility may be elsewhere. It is a sector as fragile as it is powerful. We prefer to see the glass half full. Job creation will necessarily go through innovative companies and large groups will be forced to move towards digital transformation.

(1) The strategic committee is made up of twelve members, including the founders (Hélioparc, Agglo de Pau and the CCI) and nine entrepreneurs. The network is made up of 110 members.

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