Scam: He uses a deepfake of Elon Musk to set up a cryptocurrency scam

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts were targeted by a rather elaborate deepfake by Elon Musk, which was eventually exposed.

Artificial intelligence at the service of crooks? The question arises, especially when it concerns deepfakes: video, image or sound diverted by techniques based on artificial intelligence in order to replace part of its content. In this specific case, it was the Elon Musk personality that was used to trick cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This is a montage made from excerpts from a very real TED conference in which Elon Musk recently participated. But that authentic video was later edited, changing Musk’s words. During this speech, the billionaire had mainly discussed Tesla, SpaceX and Starlink.

Fold down new purses

Here, the goal was to praise BitVex, an exchange that Elon Musk himself is said to have created. The video claims that the entrepreneur has already invested $50 million. Other personalities were also mentioned, such as the CEO of cryptocurrency titan Binance.

More incredible, the deepfake mentions a mechanism that would allow anyone to generate phenomenal income (around 30%!) by moving their crypto wallet there. Fortunately, the scam was unmasked thanks to the specialized site Bleeping Computer, which searched the source code of the site and confirmed that it was only a facade.

More and more common hoaxes

This kind of scams, or deceptions, are multiplying on the web. In France, among the most memorable, we remember a video of Emmanuel Macron directed by the videographer French Faker on the basis of the short film “Les Sous le Pouvoir” by Maxime Baudin. A video featuring Angela Merkel with the face of Donald Trump also marked the web. In April 2018, Jordan Peele and Jonah Peretti showed the dangers of deep faking by creating a fake video of Barack Obama making a public announcement.

Proof, if needed, that you have to be extra careful when browsing the internet and applications.

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