Savigny-lès-Beaune​. A Ukrainian refugee recruited at the restaurant of the L’Ouvrée hotel

As summer approaches, restaurateurs are stepping up the search for seasonal contracts. At this often crucial time of year in the restaurant business, hiring extra hands is vital. Since May 2, Ludmilla Gavera, a 38-year-old Ukrainian refugee, has joined the Le 428 restaurant at the L’Ouvrée hotel, located at 54, route de Bourgogne, in Savigny-lès-Beaune. This mother of a fifteen-year-old teenager is discovering a new work environment and is finding her bearings in this professional environment that was unknown to her until now.

Hard to find labor

“At this time of year, requests are pouring in. Before the summer, recruitment is difficult, because the season has already started and the young people are still at school, ”says the head of the establishment, Christophe Le dru. “I’m looking for someone for the year, but before hiring, I do seasonal contracts to see how people are doing. I also hire a lot of extras,…

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