Sarcelles: the mastiff bites a policeman before attacking his master

A policeman was attacked by a dog during an identity check on Friday evening in Sarcelles and was slightly injured. The owner of the dog, which was also bitten, will be the subject of a procedure.

The scene takes place around 8.30pm in the Grand Ensemble, avenue Anna-de-Noailles, when a crew from the Sarcelles Field Specialized Brigade comes across a man walking his dog. His mastiff, probably a dog of the first category, attack dogs and dangerous dogs, walks around without a muzzle. The situation escalates as soon as the police intend to check the owner’s identity and ask for explanations about his dog. The man, aged around 35, will not let things stand and tries to escape control. One of the officials grabs his arm, the man begins to howl and thus provokes the attack of the dog. The latter takes the policeman’s leg and bites, without being able to get him to let go. An official therefore takes out his electric impulse gun and uses it against the dog, which eventually loosens its jaw.

The dog was put in the pound

The case was still not decided. It is then that the dog, which has only been shaken for a moment, attacks its master this time and also seizes his leg and bites him severely. It will be necessary for the officials to make use of the stun gun once more to release the dog and control it.

The firefighters provided first aid at the scene to the policeman and the owner of the dog, who was transported to the Gonesse hospital center in an emergency. The owner ultimately presents a more serious injury than that inflicted on the official. The mastiff was then entrusted to the Hygiène Action Pound, in Tremblay-en-France, in Seine-Saint-Denis, with the probable aim of being euthanized. “This dog has already bitten twice…” emphasizes a police source.

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