Salmonella in Kinder chocolates: for the families of the victims, the excuses of the boss of Ferrero do not pass

After the Kinder scandal, Ferrero boss Nicolas Neykov apologized to the families of the victims in the columns of Le Parisien on May 26. For some, that’s not enough.

Insufficient apologies. During a meeting with the readers of the ParisianNicholas Neykov, Managing Director France of Ferreroresponded head-on to questions from the French after the scandal of the chocolates Kinder contaminated with Salmonella. If the group has expressed itself widely through numerous press releases, this is the first time that its boss has addressed the press, this Thursday, May 26.

Among the issues, for him, explains the newspaper, give answers to families of the 80 children sickened by chocolates. A mea culpa without waffling since Nicolas Neykov admitted the fault of his group: “Was there failure ? Yes, it’s very clear, he admits without however acknowledging negligence.

What happened is not acceptable. We’re sorry, I’m sorry

This mea culpa remains insufficient for the families: “That he apologizes is good, but we must not neglect all the families who have been affected, the suffering that it has caused. (…) Apologies are not enough“, explained Romain Vue, father of an infected child still at the microphone of BFM TV.

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