Sainte Marie. The calèche pizza for a rustic and unusual lunch

“It was huge, with strong emotional moments”. Busy brushing the mane of Gitan des Palles, a Comtois trait with a chestnut dress, Martine Maître admits to having experienced an “exceptional” 2022 Agricultural Show. There was the competition with Gitan des Palles, the only Nord Comtois qualified in single coupling who won first prize in maneuverability in Paris and second in traction. It seems that it was played with a hair of mane for the first place on the podium.

The good memory of a night ride in a carriage on the Champs-Élysées

And then there were the “sides” of the living room. “At 1 a.m., we discreetly left the site of the agricultural competition with two teams and three mounted horses to treat ourselves to a night stroll in Paris,” says Jean-Noël Boiteux. Gitan was of course on the Parisian trip. “Imagine the horses kicking off the Champs-Élysées in the middle of the night with the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe on the horizon! We even made a stop on the red carpet at the Plaza Hotel”. At 3:30 a.m., the fighters were back. Without having had any problem with the “very conciliatory” constabulary. The sturdy Gypsy was part of the Franche-Comté team that won the race challenge. “Four times already that Comtois breeders have won this prize”, enthuses Martine Maître, finishing the champion’s toilet.

Nose to the wind for a traveling meal

Because if Gitan des Palles, after his beautiful and triumphant escape in the capital, is back in his rural Rupt valley, that’s not to count the daisies. But to work. And working is just in the ancestral prerogatives of the draft horse. Gitan and its elder Toscan, also awarded in its time, tow a superb horse-drawn carriage with a cream roof and cherry red wheels driven by Jean-Noël Boiteux. It can carry up to 14 guests. Because we don’t just walk there, nose to the wind, inhaling the rural air. You can also eat there for an itinerant lunch or dinner trotting through Saint-Julien and Echenans at 5 km/h. This is the famous concept of the Pizza calèche imagined by the Maître-Boiteux duo. The pizzas are made in Échenans at La Cé (like Cécile). It costs €25 per person for the one-and-a-half-hour horse-drawn carriage ride, the pizza and the small glass of rosé that goes well with it.

The good plan of the summer

The seasonal concept is back in service for the Ascension weekend. A group of friends (Angèle, Nicole, Claudine, Betty, Agnès, Marie-Jo, Michel, Gérard, Fabien and Hubert) from Rémondans, Pont-de-Roide, Sochaux and Mandeure are on a country outing with bubbles and sausage for the aperitif. On demand, in the evening or at noon on weekends, the pizza carriage is ready to hit the road. Including for people with reduced mobility because it is equipped with a special folding ramp. The good plan of the summer.

Pizza calèche, Palles breeding in Sainte-Marie, Reservations on 06 18 86 52 35.

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