Riyad Mahrez challenges Elon Musk on Twitter, fans laugh

Twitter and Football have always made an explosive mix of statements, clashes and other diverted images. There is certainly a certain proximity between unknown Internet users and stars, but this often goes beyond the bounds. This is evidenced by the various controversies that cause Internet users to fight with personalities around football such as consultants or journalists. Daniel Riolo, Pierre Ménès or Gilles Favard to name a few will not say the opposite. Today, Elon Musk, the richest man in the world with his company Tesla, bought the social network of the blue bird at a price of 54.20 dollars per share, which values ​​it at around 44 billion dollars.

If he wants to change the censorship measures, he has just taken yet another dimension…

Mahrez wants his blue tick back

Since the boss of Twitter has changed, some economists and some politicians are wondering what will change on the platform. Riyad Mahrez had a message for Elon Musk. With 3.2million subscribers, the Manchester City midfielder has addressed the businessman asking him to return his ‘blue tick’, the one that usually appears next to well-known people. According to Twitter, verified accounts are public interest accounts.

In other words, the only way to get a blue tick is to become a public interest person. Will the Tesla boss hear Mahrez’s message?

Internet users react

On social networks, Internet users commented en masse on Riyad Mahrez’s tweet which was often the target of mockery.

We read on Twitter:

  • “Riyadh’s verification on Twitter may have been reworked due to a software glitch, or because you violated Twitter’s Terms of Conduct; But whatever the reason, keep in mind that Elon Musk is not responsible for giving blue ticks. Report the problem to the Twitter Help Center to get it fixed…”
  • “His tweet is deleted but he said Blue tick account has to pay $3 per month. Mahrez refused to pay lol…”
  • ”There are a lot of people on twitter for certification but on arbitration there is no one left…”
  • ”Mdrrr Mahrez who claims his certification, what a stupidity he did to be ”unverified” mdr”
  • ”Difficult to understand the criteria to authenticate on Twitter. I had no problem getting a passport, but a blue tick??? Nope…”

Manchester City is still in contention for the Premier League title (one point ahead of Liverpool) and for the Champions League title (return semi-final on Wednesday against Real Madrid, 4-3 first leg victory). Maybe if Mahrez does the double, he will get his little mark back…


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