Rescued after losing mother, baby wombat caught on camera sucking thumb in caregiver’s arms

Did you know how adorable a baby wombat can be? A video that was published on December 5 on Facebook and has since been relayed massively testifies to this. As GEO reports, Two Songs Sanctuary in South Australia recently took in a tiny female wombat named Summa.

very young orphan

In the video, you can see Summa peacefully sucking on her thumb, cradled in the arms of her caregiver. “Summa is a southern hairy wombat who was orphaned when someone killed his mother,” the post read. “She arrived for treatment at Two Songs Sanctuary weighing just 900 grams.”

Fortunately, according to the shelter, the young marsupial is now in very good health and living surrounded by her “three wombat sisters.” “She spends the days in an outdoor enclosure, but comes inside at night because she is not yet old enough to be alone all the time,” it reads in detail.

A life in captivity

Summa will never know the outside world again, as Sanctuary deems it dangerous to release her. In fact, it seems the wombats “have the world against them,” according to a shelter employee told Newsweek. These animals of the same family as kangaroos are hunted for their meat and killed by farmers who consider them pests. Not to mention the danger on the roads where they are often fatally hit by vehicles.

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