Red card. The heavy puns of Elon Musk

By going to complete the takeover of Twitter, on October 27, Elon Musk invited himself to the premises of the social network in San Francisco. Visibly very proud of himself, with a broad smile on his face, in front of a team filming him, he holds up a sink in the entrance hall. “Let that sink in!” (let it flow) he laughs at the camera. The pun of the richest man in the world: sink and think. And to scold the employees: “You will have to get used to the idea! implying “I’m the new boss”. The sink is a symbol aimed at conveying the following message: “I am going to empty you, liquidate you. “Because his arrival in the building to finalize the takeover of the famous social network is accompanied, in addition to this dubious pun, by a much more concrete threat: “I will lay off 75% of Twitter employees”, i.e. three quarters of the 7,500 workers, he announced to the “Washington Post”. In fact, his first move as new boss was to fire his predecessor, Parag Agrawal, along with three other company executives: chief financial officer Ned Segal, head of legal affairs Vijaya Gadde , and General Counsel, Sean Edgett.

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has attacked, under cover of humor in very bad taste, employees, and Vijaya Gadde in particular. Last April, when he announced the takeover of Twitter for the first time, he published a photomontage with the face of the Indian-American lawyer, who oversees the moderation policy, to make fun of his work. This had resulted in unleashing a violent wave of cyberbullying against the young woman, renamed “Curry” or even “foreign scum”, among other racist insults interspersed with “White Power”, in dozens of messages calling for her resignation.

Latest pun to date: Elon Musk has changed his biography on the social network to “Chief Twit”. If Twit evokes Twitter, it also means “moron”. On this point, difficult to prove him wrong.

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