racist and anti-Semitic insults increased sharply since Elon Musk took power

With the American billionaire’s takeover of the platform, many accounts banned for spreading hate have been restored. Hate messages have since been on the rise.

Hate does well on Twitter. Since Elon Musk’s takeover of the social network from the blue bird, many banned accounts have been able to return, including Donald Trump’s. With the return of these internet users, racist and homophobic messages are especially increasing, according to a study.

In detail, homophobic slurs are estimated to have increased by 40%, racist remarks by 200% and anti-Semitic remarks by 60%, according to Center for Combating Digital Hate (Digital Hate Analytics Center).

A total of 12,000 deleted accounts have been allowed to tweet again since the billionaire took over the social network. 40,000 more are expected to join them in the coming weeks.

Returning white supremacists

Among the Twitter accounts making a comeback, for example, is Andrew Anglins, who was banned from the platform in 2013. As an American neo-Nazi, he founded a white supremacist and anti-Jewish website.

Back on the social network on Friday, he made an announcement for 2024. “I’ve always said I support Trump, (…) but now that Kanye West is here, finally someone else is. It’s the best to do to support the guy who chooses Christianity and who attacks the Jews”, he assumes without complexity in an interview with a YouTuber.

The American rapper has on several occasions in recent months spoken glowingly about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Kanye West’s Twitter account was banned on Friday.

Many anti-vaccine accounts reinstated

Another type of account making a comeback: anti-vaccines. This is especially the case with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Elected US Republican, she compared wearing a mask to the Holocaust, urged people not to get vaccinated and relayed a lot of false information about Covid.

One of his first tweets, sent to his 1.6 million subscribers, is precisely about Covid. “If very thick, high-quality cotton underwear can’t protect you from a fart, how will a mask protect you from Covid?” she dares.

One of the accounts that shared the most false information about Covid, Project Veritas, has also been reinstated on the platform. This media with one million subscribers shares conspiratorial videos, which are especially aimed at the Pfizer laboratory, the supposed dangerousness of the anti-Covid vaccine or the ineffectiveness of the mask.

On the day of his return to Twitter, the online medium did not hesitate to publish a video that mixed thanks and warning. “Project Veritas is back on Twitter after 647 days of wrongful banishment. Elon Musk allowed us to come back here (…), we’re back for revenge”, warns its founder James O’Keefe.

The new owner of the social network does not intend to stop there. Elon Musk asked internet users to tell him which banned accounts could be reinstated.

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