Quick soon back on the Comedy in Montpellier? Unless Obama’s favorite burger comes…

This Wednesday, the commercial court of Aix-en-Provence was to give its decision on the name of the buyer of the premises of the former Quick in the Place de la Comédie. A delay was granted to candidates for the takeover of the business: Quick for a return, Five Guys, which has its many fans, as well as an independent. Answer on June 15.

On February 12, 2018 in the evening, when Popeyes Louisiana kitchen opens its doors instead of the old Quick, it is the event on the Comedy. The queue crosses the entire square and vegan demonstrators cry foul. A success ? No, more like a flash in the pan.

February 12, 2018, the opening of Popeyes burgers created a stir on the Place de la Comédie.

Very quickly, the American brand having withdrawn, Independence burger was born from the same investor. Stillborn in fact. Fast food has never found its clientele. Lodarest, the company that carried the brand, was even declared in compulsory liquidation by the court of Aix-en-Provence last December.

The former tenant in compulsory liquidation

What about today ? The entrance is padlocked and a poster announces on the window that the business is for sale for a catering activity. And behind the scenes? The commercial court was to render its decision on the termination of the lease this Wednesday, May 25. Translation: Lodarest having left creditors, a new tenant could buy out the business and Lodarest’s debts could thus, at least in part, be honoured.

Obama: “the best burger in the world”

Except that “the decision has been postponed to give the buyers time to improve their offer”, explains Me Vincent de Carrière, the agent. Three candidates have indeed made themselves known. Including Quick. The sign is applying today to return to a location it has occupied for many years… a situation therefore quite unusual. Another candidate: the American Five Guys, which is developing in France and has no shortage of fans, including Barack Obama who declared that they eat “the best hamburgers in the world”. The third applicant is an independent.

They have “means, strong backs and know the job”

“All three have means, strong backs and know the job”, concludes the agent. Who does not hide it: “This goodwill had been sold for €2.9 million in 2018, it’s a high price. The stakes are high. Hence the interest for me of finding the best price to repay creditors as well as possible.” On June 15, the judge will announce if a case has caught his attention. And which one. Otherwise, Marcel Salerno, also owner of the walls of the Grande Brasserie and the Three Graces on the Comédie, will decide alone on the name of its future tenant.

The return with great fanfare of Popeyes in France

And now Popeyes Louisiana kitchen, world number two in fast food now owned by Napaqaro, the world leader in catering, announces its arrival in France. Or rather his return. Its establishment is planned with great fanfare in Paris, for a first restaurant in the coming weeks, then fifty by the end of 2022, with the objective of several hundred addresses in France. here in 2032. Founded in New Orleans in 1972, the brand has 3,500 addresses around the world. This is enough to leave many regrets to the brand’s first investor and its Lodarest group, which launched the brand in Montpellier one evening in February 2018.

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