ProfitFarmers: “This Trading Trick Saved Me 40% Overnight”

ProfitFarmers is a platform for trading all-in-one crypto, offering signals from trading free, various tools, training and market analysis. As a member, you have access to market updates and trading signals. trading up to 2 to 3 times a week, free of charge. Discover here the testimony of a ProfitFarmers user and how to get your free Moonbag!

Testimonial from a subscriber

…I really couldn’t believe my eyes.

I double-checked my Binance balance.

**rubs my eyes**

** Updates the balances **

…Talways there.

WOW… »

Imagine going to bed ready to wait weeks to see any results, then waking up to 40% benefit in just one night. All while having very little knowledge of trading. I really thought it was a joke.

But that’s exactly what happened to me last week thanks to one of the tips from trading free from ProfitFarmers.

Their sales team told me that their analysis showed that MIR was about to explode, and to keep an eye on it in the days to come. So I did…and made my first profitable trade in months.

40% gains in less than a day, I’ve never seen that. I thought making such gains was impossible unless you were ahead of the market.

Without PF, I would have never even thought of looking at MIR, let alone placing a trade. They made the experience so much easier.

It’s really cool to see legitimate businesses in this space that offer real help to new traders without relentlessly spamming you to switch to a group of dodgy “VIP” signals.

Their signals and expert market updates are 100% free. I really don’t know how they do it, but they do. You can get the same market analysis and signals just by signing up now.

Crypto is really confusing, and I didn’t know what to do or where to start…

Some people are experts at heart. My best friend from college is like that. He simply looks at a chart and it immediately makes sense to him.

When I am told ” Just use Fibonacci for the downside at the blockchain’s double-bottom reverse crossover, man! » and that I answer ” Oh yeah. Of course, man. Already done that… », I say to myself above all that no, it’s not really for me.

I never thought I could make money trader of crypto. It’s tiring to be the only one to lose trade after trade while all your friends earn thousands of dollars a month.

When a friend recommended ProfitFarmers to me, I was immediately interested.

He told me that ProfitFarmers was a new platform for trading which focused more on training traderstransparency and community than about spam.

“Great, another company from trading ! Let me guess… crypto signals? »

But it was really different from the start. I haven’t been and they never pressured me to upgrade to VIP groups. Signals and market updates came and went.

So not only do they analyze the market for you, but they provide AI-generated signals to guide you. precisely on how to perform tradesso you don’t have to worry about missing them.

I subscribed to their updates and the free Moonbag, and that’s when it happened…

First: Advanced Market Analysis

The traders professionals never panic in a crypto market crisis, they thrive.

Of course, I still panic.

So seeing their analysis last week was really a lifesaver.

Take a look at this:

First, their idea of ​​letting the bitcoin floor settle before taking serious action was groundbreaking to me. In addition, I learned a lot about how the market works, especially the DeFi and NFTs.

But what helped me the most is framed in red. They told me to keep an eye on MIR, so I did. It was a golden chance to buy at a low price (see photo below).

The price started moving as they predicted.

When the time came, I didn’t really know what to do. I kept looking at the board. Will it go down further? Should I trade now? Should I just buy and hold?

I was too scared to pull the trigger. Like I said, I’m by no means an expert.

This is where the signal comes into play.

ProfitFarmer Free Signals

Remark : Your free signal will be different. This is the signal for members only, I add it here to show you my earnings.

The signal gave me the instructions accurate that I needed to perfectly execute the trade. It included entry area, take profit targets and even a stop-loss. It was generated by AI, so no risk of human errors.

For the sake of clarity, I should add that I am a paying member, so my signals are different and include two additional targets.

Free signals look like this:

Don’t worry, free signals can also generate serious gains. Let’s take an example :

Everyone talks about crypto signals and sometimes it’s hard to find your way around.

The difference with ProfitFarmer’s signals is that they actually use an AI that only delivers signals at the optimal time. They don’t make pump and dumps “. If you receive a signal, it is an opportunity to seize. Last year, their success rate on completed signals was almost 79%.

The algorithm generates a signal, then it is examined by a team of trading expert who then passes it on to the members. The free signals are the same signals as members only, so you won’t be disappointed.

Free advanced tools: they give you a fish and teach you how to fish

Market updates and signals are all you need to trade. trades profitable crypto, but I really like how ProfitFarmers also teaches you how to do your own analysis.

You get a price action scanner free :

This tool summarizes the price action (behaviour of the crypto pair) throughout the day in color. So instead of analyzing charts, you can instantly see what trades are promising and which ones you should avoid.

It does not require any technical experience.

You also get a Relative-Strength Index Scanner :

This shows you overbought/oversold assets, so you can predict the price trend one step ahead of the market. Suppose a crypto is overbought, you will be able to predict the decline and enter at the right time. Normally, you would watch the market and know exactly what to look for when performing this analysis.

To finish…

It is possible to make gains of 40% with ProfitFarmers. Their signals regularly return peak gains of 40, 50, sometimes even over 100%. It even happened to see 600%.

Since I signed up for the free Moonbag, my results from trading have totally changed.

Before, I had almost no idea of trading, no confidence in me on this point and no idea what to look for in the market. Now things are different:

  1. Free Signals: The signals of trading show me exactly when and how to trade.
  2. Market Updates: Experts in trading tell me what’s happening and where to look, plus give me strategic ideas on what to buy and when and how to trade.
  3. Free tools: With the PAS and RSI scanners, I started doing my own analysis and making my own plans for trading. A few weeks ago, I had no experience of trading. Now I can make a plan trading complete.
  4. Free training: Their advice oftrading free was a game-changer for me. There was even a step-by-step video guide that helped me earn 60% more earnings.

Check out ProfitFarmers’ free Moonbag now and get game-changing tools, tips, updates and training. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner.


We hope you enjoyed this testimonial. We’ve only helped to incorporate the facts into it so you know what you’re getting with our free Moonbag kit. Sign up now and try it out.

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