police officers from Uvalde were collected their children, blocking other parents

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Every day his sordid new discovery about the Uvalde School District Police. Some of the police present entered the elementary school to search for their own children before blocking other parents who wanted to do the same.

With our correspondent in Houston, Thomas Harms

It all started with this interview given by South Texas law enforcement spokesman, Public Safety Department Lt. Chris Olivarez on a local San Antonio TV station:

We have heard that some law enforcement officers actually entered the school to take their children out. Can you tell us about it? asks the journalist. ” In effect, responds Lieutenant Christopher Olivarez, what we do know is that there were police and families who tried to get their children out of the school because it was an active shooting situation. We must continue to recognize these brave men and women who were there. »

A confession that goes badly and which has already been seen more than two million times on social networks (Twitter, Youtube, etc.). It is not known when these policemen or how many went to collect their children.

For the record, it is 11:33 a.m. last Tuesday and Salvador Ramos encounters no resistance from the police. He enters classrooms 111 and 112. Six police officers follow him, come under barrage fire and retreat.

Twelve minutes later, the parents begin to gather outside the school. The police prevent them from entering to also collect their own children.

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In a video viewed more than 11 million times, a mother, Angeli Rose Gomez is on the ground being handcuffed, she was trying to do everything to force the police blockade.

This mother claims to have then seen a desperate father receiving pepper spray. Once her handcuffs are removed, she will climb the barrier to pick up her children.

It was only after seven calls from children to 911, the number for the American emergency services, that at 12:50 p.m., Salvador Ramos was shot dead by the elite units of the border guards.

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