Philippe Etchebest sickened for life by the dirtiest restaurant on the Cauchemar show in the kitchen.

M6 broadcast a new episode of Cauchemar en cuisine. An episode with Philippe Etchebest worthy of a parody according to internet users.

I feel like throwing up, said chef Philippe Etchebest, who was sporting a new look, quite impressively.

If the hygiene service had come, they would have closed your restaurant immediately, he added, showing Damien the state of the floor, the dirtiness of the utensils, the walls and the countertops. It’s a massacre, he said, very annoyed. I’ll end up thinking it’s a massacre, he said, looking completely disconnected.

The dirtiest restaurant in the history of Cauchemar en cuisine?

But hygiene was not the only problem of the restaurant according to Philippe Etchebest, according to the many reactions of Internet users on the Web.

I don’t mean to be mean, but tonight’s episode feels like a parody, like The Unknowns or The Upside Down, one person read.

Respect has disappeared among Internet users

If Internet users have pointed out the extreme dirtiness of the restaurant, others have not been kind to the unprofessional look of Elodie and Damien: They look like a couple from Bring in the accused: the skinners of Yvonne.

They look like a couple from “Bring in the accused: the skinners of the Yvonne”. Élodie, why is she dressed like a dog punk begging in front of the crossroads, but how is it that Philippe didn’t say anything about Élodie’s clothes, or even the look of the waitress, but not presentable at all, could we read on the social network of the blue bird.

A new challenge for Philippe Etchebest: he appears with a mustache, but Internet users have mixed feelings (ZAPTV)

A new challenge for Philippe Etchebest. In the episode of Cauchemar en cuisine, broadcast on Friday May 20 on M6, the chef came to the aid of Damien and Elodie, owners of a restaurant for only seven months and already in debt to the tune of 10,000 euros (not even counting their credit).

This episode did not fail to make Internet users react, but not for the deplorable state of the restaurant’s kitchen, nor for the unpleasant reception reserved for customers, but for the new look of the Top Chef juror.

Indeed, Philippe Etchebest appeared on the show with a full mustache, carefully trimmed and raised at the corners.

Philippe Etchebest lets his mustache grow?

She twirls, “What’s that mustache?” “, noted netizens. mixed on the chef’s new look.

Philippe Etchebest, with a mustache: Internet users compare him to Adil Rami and D’Artagnan

There are those who adored Philippe Etchebest’s new mustache (I love Philippe Etchebest’s little mustache so much, he has a mustache on edge, they commented), and there are those who don’t approve really.

Philippe Etchebest

There’s a mustache problem, it’s bothered me from the start, “Etchebest’s mustache is a joke.” Am I the only one who finds Etchebest’s mustache weird? And they had fun making comparisons. For some, the chef now looks like D’Artagnan, for others like a footballer: The mustache of Philippe Etchebest: he tries to make an Adil Rami. To us, he looked like Tom Selleck.

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