Perpignan: “Milk is an unsuspected suffering”, the AnimaLibre association offers a tasting of vegetable milks to raise awareness of the animal cause

This Saturday, May 28, the AnimaLibre association carried out an awareness-raising action in front of the Castillet, place de la Victoire in Perpignan.

The date was not chosen by chance: “Tomorrow (this Sunday, May 29, editor’s note), is Mother’s Day. We wanted to pay tribute to the animal mothers who provide the milk that people drink, while milk is an unsuspected suffering”explains Michèle Robillard, better known under the name of Tiamat, within the AnimaLibre association which proposed this awareness-raising action, this Saturday, May 28 in Perpignan, at the foot of Castillet.

“You should know that to produce cow’s milk, we take their baby away from them. If it’s a male, he is raised a few months before going to the slaughterhouse. If it’s a female, she will experience the same fate than her mother: we will make her produce around 6,700 liters of milk a year, before sending her to the slaughterhouse when she is no longer productive enough, i.e. after 8 years, when cows normally have a life expectancy of 20 years”laments Tiamat.

Soy, coconut, oats, rice, almonds, hazelnuts… So many alternatives offered to passers-by, to help them discover ways to replace cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk: “Oat milk is very sweet, it goes well in coffee. Rice milk, provided it is powdered, is very suitable for babies”, details a volunteer of the association. Many varieties of vegetable milk, as well as “falsmages”, include cheeses made from vegetable milks, which were offered by the Leclerc stores in Perpignan, in order to show that one can always consume milk, without the associated animal suffering. .

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