Passive income on Kucoin: the invasion of robot traders

As an exchange, Kucoin has become one of the world leaders in the sector. The supply of crypto-assets is plethoric. Volumes are among the highest in the market, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Countless opportunities, delivered at an inhuman pace. The trading robots of Kucoin have been designed so that you never again miss the deal of the century, diverted from your screen by some imperative. Let’s take a look under the hood together.

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Adopt a robot-trader, and get back to sleep

In the crypto market, the current period is rather confusing. Without a strong trend, the movements of bitcoin like altcoins are erratic, and cause sudden price variations. In such a configuration, timing is paramount. Profiting from the high volatility of cryptos is an art that requires constant attention more than ever. The Kucoin exchange is fully aware of this, and offers you powerful allies to help you manage the situation: robot traders.

Robot traders earn passive income

About Kucoin, robot traders are fully configurable. The interface is intuitive. No programming skills are required. Thus, whether you are an aggressive trader or a cautious investor, you will easily be able to take advantage of the many options offered, and adapt your automated strategy to your profile.

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Five separate robot traders for an overall crypto plan on Kucoin

Robot traders fall into five strategic categories. It is very easy to take advantage of it:

Dollar Cost Average: To earn cryptos, trigger the DCA

This robot will take care of your crypto purchases by distributing them over time in order to reduce the impact of volatility on your investments. Typically, if you want to invest 200 euros per month in bitcoin, the robot will take care of the transactions distributing them according to a regular schedule that you will set in advance.

Spot Grid: Buy Low, Sell High

Mantra of the informed trader, this assertion is not as simple to execute as it seems. This automaton is going to be configured to take advantage of a specific price range. Ideal in an uncertain and highly volatile market (remind you of something?). The spot grid is the risk-averse long-term investor’s best friend.

The Spot Grid strategy allows orders to be placed within a defined price range
Spot grid robot interface

Future Grid: The serious things begin

This trading-bot is perhaps the most powerful, but without doubt also the most risky. In fact, it allows take “long” or “short” positions at launch, which can allow you to win by betting up or down. In addition, it authorizes the implementation of levers. A way to multiply its potential returns, but also its losses. Handle with great care.

Infinity Grid: Take the courses as far as they take you

This category is designed to trigger orders based on percentage changes, and no longer on predefined price intervals. Thus, your purchases or your sales will be conditioned by movements rather than amounts. You will no longer watch prices soar without profiting. On the downside, a security will guarantee you to keep your initial amount of cryptos.

Smart Rebalance: When HODL rhymes with growth

As part of’diversified asset management in the long term, this robot will act as a portfolio manager. Let’s imagine that you want to keep your capital in a proportion of 40% BTC, 30% ETH and 30% KCS. At a predefined rate, the robot will check that this proportion is respected according to market fluctuations, and carry out an automatic rebalancing if necessary.

Thanks to the Smart Rebalance robot, your crypto assets are automatically rebalanced in the proportion you have predefined
The Smart Rebalance robot acts as a portfolio manager

Passive income at your fingertips

Although interested in the possibility ofearn passive income, As an investor, you may be reluctant to use an automated interface that would place trades for you. Kucoin has provided two features to reassure you and help you get started easily. The first, called “AI settings”, allows you to directly use the recommended robot settings based on the historical data of the token(s) you are interested in.

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The other possibility is to launch your bot by copying the parameters of the best ones. In the ranking page, you have access to the details of the parameters implemented by the most profitable robots. In a few clicks you will be able to imitate them by transferring the settings which seem to you the most judicious to your own automaton. As you become more familiar with the strategies and results, you can further customize the settings.

A sign that the offer is very popular, more than five million bots have already been launched on the platform. This automated approach is indeed particularly effective in generating regular income at lower risk. Modular and autonomous, it is now part of the essential paraphernalia of the model investor made-in-Kucoin.

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