Paris: a marabout star of a play

“Scandalous”, exclaims the Paris Animals Zoopolis (PAZ) association, which has been denouncing for several days the use of a marabout, this huge wild bird from Africa, in a theatrical show given this Thursday, May 19 in the Montfort Theater (15th).

For several days, the Paris Animals Zoopolis (PAZ) association – which campaigns for animal welfare – has been fighting to ban a theater show organized this Thursday at the Montfort Theater, located rue Briançon, in the heart of the Georges-Brassens park. (15th), of which one of the key players is a marabout, this huge wild bird from Africa.

“The Montfort Theater offers a show with a marabout and domestic animals”, deplores the association, stressing that the Parisian municipality has authorized this show, even though it “had announced the end of the use of non-domestic animals in shows in places belonging to the City of Paris in 2019”.

From this Thursday, and until June 11, the troupe of the Bromesko Theater presents its show “Le Jour du Grand Jour” on the esplanade of the Georges Brassens park, which has seen the company which owns several wild animals settle. , including this marabout installed in an aviary.

“Wacky fairground theater”

Fairground theater described as “crazy”, which involves various animals “all domesticated” which belong to the troupe. “There is also, and always at home, wine, music and around animals, dreams, lightness, laughter and a lot of depth too”, can we read in the description of the show.

For the PAZ association, which “demands the withdrawal of all animals in this show”, the important thing is above all to fight against the domestication of wild animals. A symbol for these activists, who explain that “captive wild birds” are brutally separated from their congeners and “psychologically broken” sometimes from birth.

And to quote the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) which explained in 2015 “that captive wild animals have the same genetic heritage as their congeners in the wild. They therefore have the same needs.

If the mayor of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Philippe Goujon, had for his part issued an unfavorable opinion as to the installation of this company in his arrondissement, the central town hall had for its part validated the show.

Trained, tamed or domesticated?

“It’s a scandal that the City of Paris can authorize such a show, organized by a Parisian theater, on land belonging to the City, when they announced in 2019 that it would never happen again”, s” offends Amandine Sansivens, the co-founder of PAZ, in Le Parisien.

Asked about this by our colleagues, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of the animal condition, Christophe Najdovski, replied that this marabout was “a very particular case, even unique”. “The animal is not trained to perform a number, it is totally domesticated. He has lived with his owners for thirty-three years, ”notes the chosen one.

“You are confusing ‘tamed’ and ‘domesticated'”, specifies for its part the PAZ association, which judges Christophe Najdovski’s declaration “scientifically inaccurate” insofar as “the marabouts are savages”.

Difficult to know who holds the exact science in this affair, while the troupe of the Bromesko theater – carried by the couple Igor and Lily promoted knight of arts and letters by the Ministry of Culture – is rightly recognized throughout Europe for his show with his animals, and in particular his aviary.

For the theater, which defended itself with the Parisian municipality, “the animal is not forced to play a role, it enters the scene and naturally goes to its owners as it does on a daily basis. He climbs on their back, sits on their lap and leaves the stage.

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