Volunteers caring for senior cat left in worst condition they’ve ever seen (video)

© CATS – Cats Assistance Trapping Service / Facebook Volunteers from the Cats Assistance Trapping Service (CATS) have been contacted by people concerned about a stray cat in the town of Purton (England). His dire condition shocked rescuers. The team members of CATS moved heaven and earth to save a wandering cat in the city … Read more

Elon Musk: the women in his life

When the richest man in the world (at the beginning of 2021, his fortune was estimated at 188 billion dollars) wants to formalize his love, he has a tradition: he walks the red carpet of the Met Gala, the chosen one on his arm. But this year, while Elon Musk has just had a baby … Read more

Three partly integrated risks… but to be dissipated, Indices trading strategy

The Cac 40, like the other European indices, remains faced with three risks: inflation with the themes of monetary normalization, geopolitics with Ukraine and health with confinements in China. The most immediate risk remains that linked to geopolitics, with strong macroeconomic implications linked in particular to the prices and availability of raw materials, but also … Read more