WTI oil: China prevails over economic fears

China’s reopening economy overshadows near-term recession fears Oil prices have been trying to regain height for a few days after a complicated start to the week marked by major protests against health restrictions in China. Oil prices fell to an 11-month low during Monday’s session before rebounding as the Chinese economy reopened. Indeed, new rumors, … Read more

Binance stops certain trading products in France

From August 2, French Binance customers will no longer be able to use certain trading products. From August 2, the giant Binance will no longer allow its customers to carry out certain trading operations. The company sent an email to its French users on Wednesday, telling them the news. “As Binance constantly re-evaluates its product … Read more

Decentralized Crypto Exchange Uniswap Launches NFT Trading Accompanied by $5 Million USDC Token Airdrop

the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Trading Lands on Decentralized Crypto Exchange Uniswap who performs for the occasion a $5 million airdrop in USDC stablecoins. After acquiring the maketplace aggregator NFT Genie, Uniswap therefore includes the possibility of NFT trading directly on the decentralized crypto exchange whose popularity is on the rise following the recent bankruptcy of … Read more

Will trading become a basic banking service?

[AVIS D’EXPERT] The pandemic has caused a massive influx of new traders. But it is not necessarily the banks that benefit. Decryption with our expert Guillaume Almeras, founder of the monitoring and advice site Score Advisor. A few months ago, Lydia, the French fintech which first became known for its payment service between people, launched … Read more

training and investing in cryptocurrencies

Through its platform and its French-speaking community, Le Trading du Coin now offers several training courses dedicated to crypto-currencies, as well as an automated investment system that is both transparent and secure. Despite their bad press, cryptocurrencies are on the rise today; the share of French people who have invested in cryptocurrencies has thus just … Read more

The biggest trading events in the world

When you want to invest in financial assets (currencies, shares, cryptocurrencies, commodities), it is essential, even vital, to keep yourself informed of events that contribute to the success of future financial projects, not only to ensure a result that meets expectations, but also to avoid failures that can lead to losses that can sometimes lead … Read more

Forex robot, automated forex trading for beginners

Automated forex trading is often misunderstood: some traders see it as a 100% profit guarantee, others are skeptical. However, trading robots (EA) are not just for professionals. Beginners can use automatic trading systems for a better understanding of the market. This guide shows you how it works. Automated forex trading and trading robots Automated trading … Read more