Our selection of ice creams… completely frosted

The French love ice cream. Eight out of ten regularly crack for an ice cream, a sorbet or an Eskimo. Which makes us the biggest consumers in Europe. Moreover, not a dessert at the restaurant that is not accompanied by its “quenelle” of ice cream. Blame it on the Pacojet, the minute ice cream maker that reigns supreme in all chef’s kitchens. But to think that the offer would be limited to the vanilla-strawberry duo would be to forget the emergence of unbridled creativity.

In terms of flavors, the starred Rebecca Lockwood indulges in an asparagus ice cream at Agapé, and a black olive sorbet, which can be enjoyed at the Jeanne-Aimée restaurant, with chef Sylvain Parisot. Surprising and nevertheless delicious flavours, found among ice cream makers, who compete in inventiveness to renew the genre. According to LSA, innovation represents 12% of sales (Nielsen).

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The restaurant of the week: Agapé, the starred restaurant at a low price

A sign of the times, we pride ourselves on the “sourcing” of the products: the lemon is necessarily from Sicily, the hazelnut, from Piedmont, and the Mara, from the woods… But we also discover even more sought-after flavors (stracciatella, cannelé de Bordeaux, or even kouign-amann). Even downright surprising, like the foie gras ice cream from Philippe Faur, master ice cream maker and European champion of frozen desserts. Or Wilfried’s langoustine ice cream, candidate for the last season of Top Chef.

It’s no secret: if French creations are so tasty, it’s because they can count on quality raw materials, “from a very large number of small craft structures”, recalls Matteo Neri, director of studies in the agri-food sector for the firm Xerfi. And there will be something for everyone, from vegans to lactose intolerant to calorie obsessives. Plant-based or without added sugar, they are now well established in supermarket shelves.

La Cornue House :

La Cornue coconut ice cream

Buffalo milk ice cream, straight from an Aveyron farm. The flavors are classic, but the health benefits are assertive: no added fat (its milk is naturally fattier) and cholesterol reduced by half compared to dairy production. www.glaces-maisonlacornue.fr

Glazed :


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With already thirty original flavors (like the very quirky bone marrow), the ice cream parlor continues its seasonal collection with wasabi-chocolate or coffee-green cardamom with Shira spices. And always with milk from the Viltain farm, and fruits and vegetables from Trouvailles et Terroir. www.glaces-glazed.com

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The Ice Cream Shop of Paris :

The ice cream parlor of Paris
The ice cream parlor of Paris

This summer, a Breton wind will blow with mof David Wesmaël: Madame’s butter ice cream, buttermilk and kasha ice cream, Plougastel strawberry sorbet with sea water and oyster pepper, but also a frozen version of kouign-amann , with salted butter caramel from Maison Le Roux. www.lalacerie.fr

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