Orca lost in the Seine: how will she be rescued?

Among several proposals from a panel of national and international marine mammal experts, “the decision was made to favor a gentle method of intervention”, indicated the prefecture of Seine-Maritime in a press release, this Friday, also taking into account the state of health of the delphinid. Also, a drone will be used and will allow monitoring “at a distance the animal”. At the same time, it will emit sound stimuli (sounds emitted by a population of killer whales) “to lure and guide the animal to the sea”.

The choice of this method is due to its gentle nature: aggravating the cetacean’s state of stress could further jeopardize its rescue. Furthermore, for “avoid any gatherings or crowds nearby” of the beast, no information will be communicated on the operation, at the risk of “cause the intervention to fail”, the statement continues.


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