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Lydia, the financial services super-app, now includes a trading feature that allows its users to invest in cryptos and companies from €1. Discover our presentation and opinion on the Lydia Stock Exchange offer.

What is Lydia?

Launched in 2013, the Lydia app has more than 5.5 million users worldwide and is now positioned as a credible alternative to traditional banks.

A French fintech start-up that recently became a unicorn, Lydia knew how to stand out from the start by revolutionizing the exchange of money between relatives.

Over the years, Lydia has forged partnerships with major groups such as Tupperware, Franprix and Cdiscount. Since its creation, Lydia has raised 226 million euros from prestigious international investors and is therefore now valued at 1 billion dollars.

In November 2021, Lydia is partnering with Bitpanda to add an investment solution to its app. Lydia is coming in force with an offer that is revolutionizing trading for the more than 400,000 new investors who have arrived on the markets since the start of the pandemic.

Trading according to Lydia

With the objective of making trading accessible to as many people as possible, Lydia offers its users the possibility of investing from €1 thanks to split investment, without unnecessary costs, 24/7, at a guaranteed price, regardless of working hours. opening of markets.

And if you love “doing a Lydia” for your money transfers, you can now manage your investments with the same simplicity. It will be possible to invest in cryptocurrencies, precious metals, ETFs as well as in the shares of American and European companies. But beware, there is a risk of capital loss when investing in this type of financial asset.

With this new trading functionality, Lydia’s offer is now based on the three pillars of banking services, namely: current account, credit and investment.

The prices of Lydia’s trading offer

Without the need to open a new account and without any additional procedures, Lydia users will be able to start investing in hundreds of financial assets.

Although Lydia announces a commission-free offer, there will however be some restrictions depending on the subscription you have chosen: Lydia Bleu or Lydia Noir.

Investment operations are considered by Lydia as transactions and are subject to the restrictions corresponding to your subscription. The most active investors are advised to choose the Lydia Noir subscription (€7.90 per month) to avoid any additional costs.

Reminder about subscription restrictions

Free Lydia Subscription

  • 20 operations
  • €1,000 transaction

Lydia Bleu subscription – €4.90 per month (or €49 per year)

  • Unlimited operations
  • €5,000 transaction

Lydia Noir Subscription – €7.90 per month (or €79 per year)

  • Unlimited operations
  • €50,000 transaction

Our opinion on Lydia’s trading offer

Although Lydia is not the first to offer a commission-free split-stock investment offer, it is above all the combination of this offer with the other financial services of the app that makes Lydia stand out from the competition. . It is the possibility of investing in the stock market very easily, in addition to the current account, savings, pots, refunds etc. which is the strength of Lydia’s offer.

We also appreciate the fact that it is possible to trade from €1. Also note that the investor can invest/recover his money instantly 24/7.

Lydia’s Stock Exchange offer therefore democratizes investment a little more, making it accessible to all. But be careful to train yourself well before investing in asset classes presenting a risk of capital loss.

Who is the Lydia Scholarship offer aimed at?

The Lydia Stock Exchange offer is aimed at all investors, beginners or experienced, who wish to invest in listed companies or in crypto-currencies. Easy to use, it nevertheless does not allow access to stock market products – such as ETPs, Turbo and Warrant – which the most seasoned traders may miss.
Trading Lydia

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