Oklahoma will pass the most restrictive law in the country

In an already tense context concerning the right to abortion in the United States, Oklahoma is about to pass a law completely banning it. The conservative central state parliament passed a law on Thursday that bans all abortions from fertilization. This amounts to prohibiting all abortion.

The text still needs to be signed by Oklahoma Governor Ken Stitt. The Republican had already signed a law limiting the right to abortion to 6 weeks (against 14 in France) on May 3. He had also announced that he would sign any law that further restricted abortion.

If adopted, which is almost certain, this text will be the most restrictive in the country in terms of abortion. It does not, however, exclude the sale and use of contraception, including the morning after pill.

Abortion advocates were quick to react to this announcement. This is particularly the case of the vice-president, Kamala Harris, who strongly denounced the decision of Oklahoma and called on the Americans to vote for representatives “prochoice” (for the right to abortion) both locally and federally. A like-minded organization, Planned Parenthood, has announced that it will “sue Oklahoma”.

Abortion threatened in the United States

Last February, Samuel Alito, one of the six conservative judges of the United States Supreme Court, drafted a draft judgment calling into question the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG). The text returns to the historic decision Roe v. Wade, of 1973, which protects and regulates abortion.

This is the website Politico which revealed in broad daylight the still confidential document last week. An investigation to find out the origin of the leak is underway. The decision should come at the end of June.

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