Newfoundland: all you need to know about this breed of dog

The origins of Newfoundland

This dog, also known as Newfie or Newfoundland, takes its name from the island Newfoundland in Canada, but the origins of the breed remain quite vague. His ancestors are probably the native dogs of Canada crossed with dogs used for hunting bears, which accompanied the Vikings on their journeys. An enduring dog and a very good swimmer, he was used to bring back fish fillets from English cod fishermen in the 16th century.and century. Today, it is used as an aquatic rescue dog, but its exceptional character makes it a very popular pet. The first breed standard was established in Canada in 1923.

Newfoundland physique

  • height: 68 cm to 71 cm (male) and 66 cm to 69 cm (female);
  • weight: 60 to 70 kg (male) and 50 to 60 kg (female);
  • hair: medium-long, very flat and oily;
  • hair color: brown, black or white spotted with black;
  • head shape: square, broad and massive;
  • shape and color of the eyes: small and slightly almond-shaped, fairly wide apart, dark brown in color;
  • shape of the ears: triangular and rather small, set high, they descend along the skull;
  • other particularities: its legs are webbed.

The character of Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a gentle, calm, affectionate dog and particularly attached to his masters for whom he would give his life. His ideal living environment is a house with a large garden and a water point in which he can bathe. It can however live in an apartment, but it will then be necessary to take it out several times a day and plan long walks so that it can exert itself. Smart and lively dog, he is not restless and barks little. Because of his teddy character, he is perfectly suited to families with children with whom he is very protective.

Newfoundland Health

The Newfoundland is a healthy dog. He really only knows one disease common to large dogs: dysplasia of the hip (or coxo-femoral dysplasia) and elbow, as the study reminds us. Creation and Operation of a Database applied to the Newfoundland dog breed (2005). He would be among the 20 most screened breeds, according to the Canine Central. The Newfoundland is a dog that needs to exercise several times a day.

However, due to its predispositions (dysplasia), it is preferable to moderate its activity in the first years of its life. Because of his many baths, his ear canals are often affected by ear infections or similar conditions, so they should be checked regularly.

The life expectancy of the Newfoundland is between 8 and 10 years.

The Newfoundland Price

The price of a Newfoundland (puppy) varies from 600 to 2000 €. Depending on whether the Newfoundland is a male or a female, its price generally does not change. The annual maintenance cost of a Newfoundland varies from 1800 to 2300 €.

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