Neobank N26 launches its crypto-trading service

N26 follows in the footsteps of his rivals and throws a service allowing to to negotiate of the cryptocurrencies in partnership with the exchange BitPanda.

Originally available in Austria with a planned rollout to other countries over the coming weeks, the N26 crypto trading service allows you to invest in digital assets like Bitcoin.

The mobile banking German company, which announced earlier this year that it wanted to offer access to crypto to its users and regretted not having looked into it sooner, has partnered with the BitPanda trading platform to provide this service.

The N26 banking experience has always been built around customer needs, with features that make managing money easier. With N26 Crypto, we have created a simple and intuitive product that integrates perfectly with N26’s fully regulated banking experience,” said Gilles BianRosa, CPO of the company, adding that cryptocurrencies were the first class of assets that the app intended to offer.

N26 will offer investment in a wide range of digital tokens, more than 200 tokens according to a press release.

As cryptocurrency prices have plummeted since the Berlin-based company first announced in January, N26 co-founder, valentine stallfindicates that the crypto is a “requested and attractive asset class for investors”.

Several large neobanks and European financial apps, like Revolut and Lydia, already allow their customers to trade cryptocurrencies.

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