Narbonne. In the US for a blues competition

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At the end of January, the trio Doc Lou & the Roosters will wear the region’s colors in a blues competition in Memphis, USA.

It is an unusual adventure for the “Frenchies” to go to the USA to participate in a competition, to play not only the blues that is there at home, but also original compositions made in Languedoc, where Doc Lou is from Aveyron. This trio is not made up of novices, Jeff H and Michel Géronimo have played together almost everywhere with “Jeff and Co” from 1993 to 2001, and in many other formations.

“We play a blues that is both traditional in terms of structure and chords, but extremely varied in terms of grooves and rhythmic formulas”, the two bluesmen explain. It was after their performance in the French awards organized by the Toulouse Blues Society that the group – Doc Lou on vocals and harmonica, Jeff on guitar and Michel on drums – was proposed to the Blues Foundation, which organizes the international competition. For the competition itself, the trio gives two “qualifying” concerts of one to two hours each. Then hopefully go to the semi-finals and finals. It is an American jury that will appreciate “the blues content” in the compositions and of each performance. One has to hope that he will also take into account the risk-taking of this reduced formation, which, under the famous chorus inherent in the blues, implies a greater investment from each musician. We will not fail to provide news about the roosters – “roosters” in English – during the competition and their transatlantic adventure.

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