My cat is losing hair: should I be worried?

The cat loses its hair twice a year (©maryviolet / Adobestock)

Hair is strewn about your home and your cat is getting rid of its pretty fur? Do not panic, all cats shed, it’s a natural phenomenon. Twice a year, it moults, in the fall and in the spring. He can even lose a lot of hair for two to three weeks, depending on the length of his coat.

This hair loss is more significant if your cat lives outdoors. He then prepares his winter or summer coat by eliminating damaged hair, removing the undercoat that kept him warm during the winter. Apartment cats, on the other hand, can lose their hair all year round.

But everyone likes their hair. They spend a third of their day grooming their fur and smoothing their hair!

What to do ?

Your mission ? Pick up the hair on the cushions and supplement it with vitamins and fiber. You can also, at the time of moulting, give specific anti-hairball croquettes, richer in fatty acids. They will help the cat more easily eliminate the hairballs that form in the stomach.

Don’t hesitate to brush your cat, pass a damp washcloth over his body to rid him of dead hair and polish his magnificent coat.

He loses his hair excessively

Fleas, chiggers can be responsible and accelerate hair loss because the cat will tend to scratch compulsively and pull out tufts of hair. You will easily notice the absence of hair in places. You should then consult a veterinarian.

The cat can be allergic to flea bites and develop allergic dermatitis. A single bite can become problematic for the cat. It is necessary to remember to administer a flea repellent every month. Pipettes are not suitable for allergic cats, your veterinarian will probably recommend a much more effective oral medication.

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Mites can also promote excessive hair loss, the cat will lose its hair by scratching. These parasites are invisible to the naked eye but very quickly you will see scabs appear on the surface of the skin. This is the obvious sign of an infestation. It will be necessary to consult a specialist, the mites can nest in the ears, under the chin, around the eyes.


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