Montreal SPCA: Kiara is looking for a new family for life!

Each week, the Salut Bonjour team highlights adorable animals, all rescued by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Montreal (SPCA). These adorable little beasts have one thing in common: they are looking for a family, capable of providing them with the appropriate care and offering them love at will.

For more than 150 years, the mission of the Montreal SPCA has been to protect animals against negligence, abuse and exploitation, to represent their interests and ensure their well-being, to promote public awareness and sensitivity to regard to them.

On average, cats have to wait 7 days and dogs 10 days before being welcomed by a new family. If a large majority of them find a home quickly, this is not the case for all. Some, because of their age, race or temperament, are forced to stay longer.

The organization does not discriminate: in addition to four-legged animals, it receives birds, rats, turtles or rodents. This week, the Montreal SPCA is looking for a new family for this adorable animal!

Kiara, the turtle, wants to be part of your family!

Kiara is living proof that turtles are not flat for two pennies! In addition to being absolutely ma-gni-fi-que, she is particularly sociable. When she’s not in her tank swimming or sunbathing, she loves walking around the house and will definitely want to climb on your legs while you watch TV!

Kiara doesn’t really like having her shell scratched, but she will be very happy to rub her breastplate – the belly, if you prefer – on a small corner of carpet. When she does, she starts dancing on her feet. It’s so cute!

This friendly turtle will need a spacious aquarium to swim around in, and it should be placed in a busy area of ​​the house, as it gets bored when left alone in a room for too long. Kiara wants nothing less than to be part of the family!

Before adopting a turtle, did you know that…?

  • Turtles can grow to the size of a cantaloupe and have a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years.
  • The aquarium should be 10 times larger than the turtle, so that it has the space it needs to swim.
  • A turtle should be fed about three times a week, outside of its aquarium, with feed specially designed for its species, proteins (such as frozen shrimp), as well as fruits and vegetables.
  • Of course, each turtle has its own personality; some of them even like having their shell scratched (which is not the case with Kiara)!
  • You should absolutely refrain from releasing a red-eared slider into the wild, as it is an invasive species. Moreover, if she has always lived in captivity, she will not know how to manage once left to her own devices.

To adopt Kiara

If you would like to meet Kiara, fill out the form on her Montreal SPCA adoption file.

We invite you to also consult the files of the other animals waiting for a family.

Thank you for choosing adoption!

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