Monkeypox virus: quarantine, no contact with pets… European Union recommendations against monkeypox

Over a hundred cases of monkeypox infection have been detected in nine European countries.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has published a report on virus infections Monkeypox and their spread. All persons infected with monkeypox should be isolated until the pustular rash causing the disease has completely healed. The ECDC asks to avoid contact with immunocompromised people and pets, in addition to abstaining from sexual activity and physical contact.

According to the ECDC epidemiological assessment, “there is a potential risk of human-to-animal transmission in Europe.” The agency is not yet aware of animal infections in the EU with Monkeypox, but if the virus were to spread among the animal population, “there is a risk that the disease is endemic in Europe”.

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Transmission occurs through sexual intercourse

Human-to-human transmission occurs through close contact with infectious material from skin lesions of an infected person, by respiratory droplets from prolonged face-to-face contact, the report says.

He also notes that the predominance in the current outbreak of human cases has been diagnosed in men who have sex with men and the nature of the lesions which occur in some cases suggest that transmission occurred during sex.

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Young children and pregnant women at risk

ECDC recalls that most cases had mild symptoms of the disease, although the agency warns that it can cause serious illness in certain population groups (young children, pregnant women, immunocompromised people). On the contrary, in the case of close contact, for example during sexual activities between several people, the probability is “high”.

The countries of the European Union are called upon to “focus on thequick identificationmanagement, contact tracing and notification” new cases of Monkeypox.

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