Michelangelo Pizzeria | A new pizza genius

Antoine Roy-Camarda has always dreamed of having his own pizzeria. To do this, he studied professional cooking at the ITHQ, baking at the École hôtelière de Montréal, then worked in catering for several years, in establishments of all kinds.

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Eve Dumas

Eve Dumas
The Press

He spent three years looking for his place, shopped for his oven in New York and bim! at the time of launching, a pandemic came to slow down its progress. Still, in September 2021, Antoine returned the “Open” sign of Michel-Ange Pizzeria.

In a location on rue Jean-Talon Eest, a stone’s throw from the Fabre metro station, the pizza maker pays homage to his Italian-Quebec heritage by mixing Quebec and Italian ingredients.

“We have good wheat here. For me, it’s important to have quality flour that comes from our land,” he says.

La Marguerita’s buffalo milk mozzarella comes from St-Lin. The other toppings are kept simple: soppressata, cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers, olive oil, herbs… We smiled when we saw the “bacon-onions”. For those who still don’t know, it’s a winning combination!

“I want to keep the menu small, but work a bit on the beer and wine offering. Italian cuisine is refinement through simplicity,” explains the owner.

A pizza cooked at a very high temperature like Michelangelo’s is never as good as when it comes out of the oven. You have to order it and pick it up on the spot.

There is no phone here yet. So we suggest you eat it in the bright dining room or right out of the restaurant, which is open Wednesday to Sunday. That’s good, it’s finally pizza season in the park!

1565 Jean-Talon Street East, Montreal


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