Meeting of Eugene (USA): the Lavillenie brothers far from the account, Duplantis still crowned

Another missed opportunity for Renaud Lavillenie. The 2012 Olympic champion only crossed a bar at 5.41m in the night from Friday to Saturday for the Meeting of Eugene (USA), second stage of the Diamond League.

Tough weekend for the Lavillenie brothers

After a complicated first meeting in Doha, and three failures at 5m71, the Auvergnat was not reassured, or even worse. He easily cleared the bar at 5.41m, but failed three times at 5.61m and finished second to last.

Doha meeting: Renaud Lavillenie stops at 5m71, his brother Valentin a little better with a fifth place

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His brother Valentin ranks last. The fault of three missed at 5 m 41, the starting bar. A surprise for the youngest of the siblings, who had nevertheless finished 5th in Doha by crossing 5 m 71.

The competition was once again disrupted by weather conditions, like in Doha two weeks ago (gusting winds). In Eugene, it was the doubts about the weather this Saturday that prompted the organizers to bring the meeting forward to Friday.

The winner is none other than Armand Duplantis. The Swede again dominated this meeting, after having crossed 5 m 91 on the second try. He however blocked at 6 m 07, with three failures.


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