McDonald’s: After reading this article, you will NEVER want to eat McFlurry again!

Remember, the case attracted many reactions in March 2021 on social networks. Indeed, a woman, or more exactly an employee of the McDonald’s brand, wanted to show everyone behind the scenes of fast food. What she filmed had disgusted internet users. For good reason, we could see pieces of chocolate stuck in the device that prepares the McFlurry.

McDonald’s, a very popular brand

McDonald’s always attracts a lot of people. There are even those who are fans of the menus presented in McDonald’s. In truth, how can you resist McDonald’s fries and hamburgers, but especially McFlurry from the American fast food brand?

However, surprisingly, McDonad’s lost the majority of its customers in 2021, following a scandal that made the rounds on social networks. This was information that was seen in a video shared on TikTok by a young woman, disgusted by her McDonald’s ice cream. The video obviously went viral and tarnished the brand’s reputation.

Ice machines are not maintained

Ice machine failures at McDonald’s restaurants are common. But here, we are not going to talk about this problem. Although, what was shared in the video is about ice cream machines.

Seeing her, you’ll be glad you didn’t eat McFlurry, or for what used to take it, you’re not going to take it. Why would you say? Quite simply because the young woman who filmed the video found a crushed cockroach in her mirror.

But that’s not all ! McDonald’s ice cream machines would also not be sufficiently well maintained. The critters thus remained stuck on this one. They then found themselves crushed in the McFlurry, without the consumers realizing it.

It turns out that McDonald’s employees no longer have time to polish the ice cream machines. This even joins the video posted by an employee of the sign on TikTok. On this one, we can see pieces of chocolate stuck and other solid shapes in the metal part of the device. According to the young woman, it is impossible to clean the ice machines from top to bottom.

The reaction of netizens

The video has been seen by thousands of internet users. They decided to react and criticize McDo. Everyone who saw the video was disgusted, especially fans of McFlurry.

The employee of the sign took things even further by explaining that the frequency of cleaning of the ice machines is terrifying. Chunks of ice cream stuck in the machine’s cogs can stay there for weeks while they’re used for McFlurry ice cream. Pieces of outdated pieces of ice can thus be found in the preparations.

“I would never order a McFlurry at McDonald’s again”, “It disgusts me forever, I am disgusted”, “But what is that”, can we read on in the comments of the video.

At the time, McDonald’s did not wish to come out of silence in the face of what had happened. It is therefore to be hoped that they will change the ice cream machines by then and that they take drastic measures concerning the cleanliness of their device to reassure their customers. Indeed, a cleaning system must be put in place to enhance the brand’s esteem.

Following this scandal, it lost many of its consumers, who are also wary of the idea of ​​still taking McFlurry ice cream. Anyway, McDonald’s version of this testimony has been awaited. As a reminder, it is the most popular fast food brand in the world. A sanitation problem would then have surprised his followers.

In any case, this story touched many people and will serve as a lesson to some. Because even though McFlurries are made right in front of your eyes, they might not be as healthy as they look…

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