Massive recall in France: this food sold at Carrefour is contaminated with salmonella, it is Beaufort sausage

Salmonella is responsible for serious food poisoning. It is therefore strongly advised not to consume products contaminated with this bacterium. Thus, Carrefour is launching a recall operation concerning two batches of sausages. A campaign relayed by the government site, Rappel Conso.

Lots of dry Beaufort sausages recalled

Even if the sun invites you to have a good aperitif, avoid these sausages. Salmonella detected in batches of Beaufort dry sausages can cause serious health problems. Carrefour also promises to reimburse all those who have purchased the products affected by this recall campaign.

The batches of dry sausages in question were produced by the Ogier establishment. They are sold in plastic packaging with an orange and black label. The expiry date indicated on the first batch was July 18, 2022. As for the second batch, it should be able to be stored before July 19.

This recall concerns lots 13922 and 14022. They have the following product identification numbers: 3498301003320 and 3498301003320.

Symptoms should appear within three days

Salmonella is a bacterium that causes a disease called salmonellosis. The symptoms are quite severe. We are talking about diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and fever. All this usually appears after 6 to 72 hours after consuming a contaminated product.

“These symptoms may be more pronounced in young children, pregnant women, immunocompromised individuals and the elderly. People who have consumed these products and who have these symptoms are invited to consult their doctor and report this consumption, “says Rappel Conso.

In France, this product was sold by many Carrefour stores. If you’ve eaten these sausages, and haven’t gotten sick in the week since then, there’s no need to worry. Food scandals have followed one another since April.

We remember the scandal caused by Fraîch’Up frozen pizzas from the Buitoni brand and Kinder chocolates. Although salmonella was mentioned, there is no connection between these cases.

A nine-month-old girl was contaminated by pizzas

If Ferrero brand chocolates were recalled by the presence of salmonella in its Belgian factory in Arlon, Pizzas Buitoni are singled out because of a bacterium called E. coli. Since the start of the pizza scandal, more than fifty cases of poisoning have been recorded in France.

Currently, Inaïa, a nine-month-old girl, finds herself between life and death after her family consumed these famous pizzas in February. Her case is quite special since the child herself did not consume Pizzas Buitoni. According to specialists, it was not the fact of having eaten a pizza that made her sick. The poisoning didn’t come from the mother’s milk either, but probably from her mother’s touch.

In addition to Inaïa, her mother and her 22-month-old sister also fell ill from this pizza. The nine-month-old child was brought to the Beauvais emergency room on February 18, 2022. She was then transferred to Amiens hospital. The little girl underwent three operations.

She remained unconscious for three weeks. The girl did not return home until April 4. Since then, Inaïa has been closely monitored. She sees a physiotherapist twice a week. The doctors fear that his kidneys will retain the after-effects of this unfortunate episode.

“Your child is indeed one of the grouped cases for which we have identified a link with the consumption of Fraîch’Up pizza from the Buitoni brand,” the Regional Health Agency told them in a letter sent to them on April 6. 2022.

This confirmation allowed the family to file a complaint against the brand on April 7, 2022.

“We would like them to [Buitoni] recognize their wrongs and understand how we almost lost our daughter for a simple pizza, ”says the mother of the family.

It should be noted that Hauts-de-France was the region most affected by the contamination of E. coli.

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