Lydia Trading celebrates its 1st anniversary!


Photo credit © ChaunuPictures

( — A year ago, Lydia launched its trading platform, a revolutionary feature for a French application. 12 months later and with over 120,000 active usersit’s time for the financial services app to present Lydia Trading’s first review.
Since the end of 2021 and the opening of Lydia Trading, the feature has collected on average 1,000 new users per week.

Accessible to all, Lydia’s objective is to make trading practice universal and to advance financial education. It’s done for the 120,000 budding traders, who in total carried out more than a million operations, for an average amount of 42 euros per trade.

From 1 euro, users invested 24/7 in cryptocurrencies, rare metals, ETFs, or European and American companies.

Cryptocurrencies account for 60% of trading volume. 4 of them arrive at the first places of the most traded values: bitcoin, ethereum, terra classic, and solona. Then follow the company Tesla, gold, then Apple.


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