Like Elon Musk, the boss of Fisker invests in the promotion of his SUV

What better for a brand than a CEO who embodies it to promote it? This method of communication is not recent, but it is gaining new momentum with uninhibited bosses like Elon Musk, or like now, Henrik Fisker.

To support the birth or growth of a new car brand, social networks are particularly useful. All manufacturers have now understood this, but not all approach this aspect with the same strategy. Some bosses don’t hesitate to put themselves on stage to get people talking about themselves and their brand.

Elon Musk has a tendency to force the line and downright put on a show, with more or less success with the public. He understood that social networks were a good vector of communication to reach end customers at a lower cost – he wants to buy Twitter outright. The question raised is then: will he encourage other vocations among the other bosses? This is what we suppose by observing the social networks of Henrik Fisker, the leader of Fisker Group Inc..

In turn, Henrik Fisker dusts off the image of the boss in his ivory tower and disconnected from the field. The two men know each other well, they have already competed in the past. It wouldn’t be surprising if Fisker took a little inspiration from the Musk method to get people talking about their brand and their upcoming vehicle.

The Fisker Challenger

We discover in a short video, published on April 21, 2022, the boss of Fisker in the middle of a test session, driving his future SUV named Fisker Ocean. He does not hesitate to say himself that he is still working to improve his product for more sportiness, and so that it is perfectly in the image of what he wants between now and the first deliveries scheduled for November. 2022.

Here, the video is still very professional. Without being as whimsical as Elon Musk, we feel that Henrik Fisker is ready to break the image that is a little too smooth that we can have of a boss. This other picture shared on April 8 shows a certain dose of self-mockery that may appeal to the public.

Henrik Fisker ensures that this photo has not been retouched, and that he posed in the trunk with his dog, to present one of the specificities of the Fisker Ocean. On this future model, the trunk window can be opened to fit a surfboard, for example.

These more personal, more humanized communications generally contribute quite well to creating closeness with the customer, especially when the exchange continues through comments. Something that the other great historical bosses struggle to convey. We are more easily interested in the scandals raised by their remuneration, than in the human and sympathetic side that they can share.

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