La Passiflora or the praise of gourmet relaxation

Thanks to a cuisine of passion and conviction, thanks also to a restaurant that breaks with codes and conventions, Aurélie and Jeanne have made La Passiflora an endearing address where it is good to take your time to taste tasty and sincere dishes.
If my GPS indicates it, we can believe it… “Your destination is located 6.3 km away” he said in his tone of voice. Suffice to say a stone’s throw from downtown Limoges.
To get there, head south, towards La Plagne, in the town of Feytiat. There, in a bucolic and verdant setting, La Passiflora awaits you, out of sight, far from the hustle and bustle. Sheltered from the noise of the world.
It is on this little corner of paradise and this slightly vintage building drowned in the greenery that Jeanne and Aurélie set their sights 5 years ago. It was a day in March 2017.
So yes, the park is not maintained with a line, any more than there are delimited pitches in the car park, a luxurious swimming pool or a vast terrace with trendy and sophisticated decor. No matter, here, the atmosphere is neither rhinestone nor sequins and the m’as-tu-vu will not be in their element.

Another idea of ​​luxury

On the other hand, there is a mad charm and a royal peace! Thus in this month of May with summer accents, it is good to laze in the shade of an umbrella, and listen to the song of the birds in tune with the sweet voice of a diva taking up great classics in bossanova or piano-voice versions. . Another idea of ​​luxury…
Moreover, for Jeanne and Aurélie, La Passiflora is more about gourmet relaxation than a classic restaurant. And yet, don’t believe that when it comes to service or cuisine, we indulge in approximations and lack of taste. “Our ambition is to offer the best possible conditions to our customers for a real break, far from stress and worries, to taste our cuisine with instinct and sincerity”, confides the pair with their good humor.
The trade, Aurélie Duroudier learned it on the job, as an autodidact. While working at the Radisson, a grand hotel in the bay of Ajaccio, the young woman from the Monts d’Ambazac met Jeanne Cavagna, a young cook who, after culinary studies in Switzerland, saw the country and enriched her palette of flavors during his travels.

Current cuisine

So many experiences and influences from which the young cook – who was born on the Island of Beauty – drew on to define her own style which she deploys today with talent through a sparkling cuisine of market, watching for the products of the moment and the bargains of the day.
It is an assumed will, the menu is narrowed around two starters, two dishes and two desserts. A pledge of freshness, an ode to seasonality but also a desire not to give in to this idea that in Limousin, a meal without red beef and fries would be sacrilege.

Just as burger, pizza and soda addicts will not find their stuff here at Passiflora.

A successful dish with just the right amount of audacity and simplicity.

As proof, that day, the gourmet hostilities began with a sweet herring and potato salad that Jeanne revisits with mischief and elegance, just like her visually very sexy presentation! And then, the red onions, the pieces of apples and the boiled eggs, the spices and herbs bring to the whole the freshness, the pep and the flavor, which make it a successful dish with just the right amount of flavor. audacity and simplicity.
And now Aurélie is depositing a generous plate full of promise that made our mouths water. Cod fillet, IGP Camargue long red rice, organic Vendée lentils, zucchini, turnips and leek fondue. Precise cooking, carefully chosen products like this bed of “al dente” lentils, not to mention this fondue, a subtle combination of sweetness and intensity.
The same sense of balance shown by the white and red wines of the Domaine de Terra Vecchia which accompanied each of the dishes with the freshness and conviviality of Corsican wines.
And it was after a long hesitation with Quercy kiwi fromage blanc, pineapple and rose compote, Corsican honey granola, that he finally came back to this verrine of strawberries and rhubarb, flower ice cream orange tree the care to conclude in beauty this meal tasted in the preserved peace of the Passiflora, at Aurélie and Jeanne, in their gourmet house at the end of the world, somewhere in Feytiat, at the gates of Limoges.

Fabrice Varieras


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