Kryll releases version 2.0 of its crypto-trading platform

You want to get into the crypto to make ends meet? Problem, you are not an expert in the field? In this case, you will be interested in the automated trading and particularly by the services of the crypto platform

Exactly, the crypto trading marketplace has just launched V2. In this article, we present to you the features of the New version of

​What is the Kryll trading platform?

Kryll is a crypto trading platform. Discover the particularity of the Kryll project.

What is

As a crypto trading platform, kryll allows you to buy, sell and trade cryptos on the market. The particularity of this platform is to use powerful tools that allow the application of automated strategies. Basically, on Kryll, the trading is done by robots, not by you! These robots (or bots) are specially designed to carry out trading in an “intelligent” way. In fact, their technology is a mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Kryll project officially dates back to February 2018. It was on this date that the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was launched. The ICO ended in April 2018, then a first version of the platform was put on the market at the end of August 2018.

​What is a trading robot?

The first advantage of a trading bot is that it does the work for you! Indeed, with a trading bot, you do not need to be an expert in finance and the market to make money!

Another important advantage is the speed of a trading bot. If you follow crypto a bit, then you know that crypto prices are particularly volatile. Also, an important part of success in crypto trading is the trader’s ability to place an order on time! However, for this, trading robots are unbeatable! Indeed, thanks to their technology, they are able to apply the right strategy according to the market conditions. Then, when the conditions are met, the robot can place an order (buy or sell) in record time.

​New features of the V2 Kryll marketplace

The first version of the platform dates back to August 2018 as mentioned above. But since then, the platform has evolved, acquiring the latest developments to offer ever more services and solutions. A version 2.0 even just landed. Check out some highlights of the new Kryll release below.


The version 2.0 GUI includes a powerful search tab. This allows you to directly reach the object of your search without getting lost in the menus and sub-menus. With this tab, you can for example directly type the name of the crypto that interests you.

Once you have chosen your strategy, you can access a lot of useful information and indicators such as: Its name; Its profitability; Its level of risk; Its history; His average winning percentage (per day, month or year); A projection of earnings based on its history.

​Filter options

To make your job even easier, the platform has implemented filters at the level of trading strategies. With these filters, you can quickly find the strategy that meets your needs and expectations.

In particular, there is 5 filters on the characteristics of a crypto strategy such as: profitability. As its name suggests, this filter allows you to rank the different strategies of the platform according to the potential gains. Three levels of profitability are offered: low, moderate and high.

The trading frequency. With this filter, you can classify the strategies according to the frequency (high or low) of trading desired.
the risk level. Every trading strategy involves risk. In general, the risk is directly proportional to the gains potentially generated.

L’historical. This filter allows you to access the history of each strategy (if available). This allows you to get an idea of ​​the performance of this trading strategy over the last few months.
the kind. This filter allows you to see the so-called “Live” strategies, i.e. currently used by Kryll users. You can also select only Open Source strategies, that is to say those whose code is available.


The packs are one of the important new features embedded in this V2. These packs give you access to assets grouped by theme. For example, you have heard about the great potential of the metaverse and you want to jump on the bandwagon? Or do you want to bet on NFTs? In this case, the packs have something for you!

On Kryll, you can select different packs such as: Defi; NFTs; Metavers; Gaming ; Etc.

The interest of these packs is twofold. On the one hand, you can bet on a domain without having to know the main assets that make it up. On the other hand, it allows you to diversify your investment. Indeed, as explained above, a pack is a basket of several assets. In other words, by using a pack, you are not putting your money on one and the same asset. This allows you to reduce your level of risk. If the price of an asset that is part of the pack goes down, there is a chance that the price of another will go up.

For example, the pack associated with the metaverse consists of the following tokens: 25% Enjin Coin (ENJ); 25% Axie Infinity (AXS); 25% The Sandbox (SAND); 25% Decentraland (MANA).

Are you looking for new income in this time of inflation? Get started in crypto trading! With the Kryll platformcrypto trading has never been easier!

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