Johnny Depp, Elon Musk… What you need to know about the actress

By vanessa

– Published on May 21, 2022 at 15:05

Amber Heard is currently in the heart of the news following her trial with Johnny Depp. But do you really know her? We let you discover it in this article.

Amber Heard is an actress who has made a name for herself in Justice League and Aquaman. But for the past few weeks, she has been talking about her for anything other than her film career. It turns out that she and Johnny Depp are at the heart of an incredible lawsuit which is publicized. A legal action that fascinates Americans who are millions and millions watching everything in front of their TV. But apart from this trial, do you know Amber Heard well? From her relationship with Johnny Depp to Elon Musk and his Instagram account: we reveal everything to you! And it happens a little further down in this article.

What is Amber Heard’s relationship with Johnny Depp?

Amber Heard meets Johnny Depp on the set of Rum Express. They quickly fall in love and get married on February 3, 2015 in Los Angeles. 1 year later, the actor wants a divorce. Amber Heard then takes the lead and contacts his lawyers to file for divorce before him. She then accuses Johnny Depp domestic violence. The latter accuses him of the same things at the end of July 2018. For a few weeks, the two ex-spouses have been in the middle of a trial in which they accuse each other of domestic violence and defamation.

What is Amber Heard’s relationship with Elon Musk?

On April 24, 207, Amber Heard formalizes its relationship with the entrepreneur Elon Musk by posting a photo on Instagram. In , she announces their breakup. The billionaire also confirms his separation from the actress.

What is Amber Heard’s Instagram account?

Amber Heard is very present on Instagram, where its account @amberheard, is certified. The young woman is currently followed by more than 4.6 million people.

Is Amber Heard a mom?

The answer is yes ! She becomes a mother on April 8, 2021 at the age of 35. Her daughterOonagh Paige Heard, was born to a surrogate mother. And it was on her Instagram account that she announced the news 3 months after the birth of her daughter.

Amber Heard cut during the editing of Aquaman 2?

In Aquaman, Amber Heard plays the role of Mera, Princess of Xebel. But since her lawsuit against Johnny Depp, fans have called for a boycott of the actress in part number 2 of the film. Corridor rumors say that Warner could reduce the performance of Amber Heard in the film. Many scenes of the actress could then be cut during editing!

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