“It’s the only meal my parents managed to get me to eat”

Zoé Sadler, 23, has been eating chip sandwiches since she was a child. “The only meal my parents managed to get me to eat was crisps,” she told the Mirror.

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the young woman from Coventry, UK, wanted to get rid of her addiction: “I thought to myself that I needed to be in better health”, she explains.

To do this, Zoé went to a hypnotist and says she was cured after only two sessions: “I now like strawberries and I want to try curry”.

“Within a very short time, she started eating new meals. She ended up incorporating new fruits and vegetables into her diet. It had become dangerous for her to live on a diet of only crisp sandwiches,” said David, the London-based hypnotist.


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