“It’s not a business for us”, a pet store in Nice tries its hand at adoption

The goal is clear: to achieve 50% adoptions and 50% sales by December. “Associations that take in animals have more and more proteges, pet shops are often controversial… So we decided to take the plunge”poses the manager of the Terranimo pet store in Gorbella, Jonathan Camus.

Since January, he has offered reptiles, rodents and birds for adoption. A project that the pet store had been nurturing for a long time and which was made possible with the help of Émilie, from the association La Tribu du fourmilier.

Give visibility

“There are a lot of abandoned rodents: we have more rabbits than adopters. In foster families, they are not visible. The pet shop gives us the visibility we need”, she explains. The association collects the animals, brings them to the veterinarian, quarantines them and, once they are ready for adoption, sets up a part at the pet store. “It’s a partnership that works both ways. If we don’t have what the buyer is looking for – we don’t sell dogs and cats, for example – we refer to the association”adds Jonathan Camus.

Do pedagogy

In addition to relieving the Côte d’Azur association, the manager does education. “We support adopters in our own way. I put a little card with each adopted animal to explain its origin and its history. So that people are made aware of the very difficult beginning of the animal’s life”says Jonathan Camus.

Its salespeople are also trained to ask questions about maintaining the animal and remind them that it is a long-term commitment. “Even for a hamster that lives two years, we explain that it can be a long time. That, yes, the child wants one now but that he can move on to something else in a few months. It will then be up to the parents to take the relay”he continues.

Proliferation of rabbits

They also give themselves the right to refuse a sale or an adoption. “We don’t make money on animals, we are committed to their well-being. It’s not a business for us”insists Jonathan Camus.

“In foster families, our rabbits live in semi-freedom. This will be a requirement for adopters”illustrates Emilie.

For two or three years, she has noted a proliferation of rabbits in Cagnes (Nice morning of Wednesday) and in Nice. “We must not forget that it lives ten years. It is not adopted lightly: it does not live in a cage and it is not necessarily suitable for children, because it is temperamental. And, above all, it should not be not make them reproduce, there are too many”she warns.

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