insect croquettes on the supermarket menu – Liberation

After raising 1.8 million euros in funds, the start-up Reglo will deploy its insect products for dogs and cats, hitherto sold online, at Monoprix. A sign of increased market interest in alternative proteins in animal feed.

They are mainly composed of flour from black soldier fly larvae. Sold so far online (84.90 euros per 12-kilo bag), kibbles for dogs and cats from Reglo, one of the French specialists in insect products for pets, will soon arrive at Monoprix and in garden centers . You say yes, so what? Well, this is not trivial in this ever more innovative market – up to tracing the human diet – and estimated at 4 billion euros in France, according to the firm Xerfi. Indeed, after having raised 1.8 million euros from around twenty investors, the start-up Reglo, co-founded two years ago by two brothers Basile and Maxime Laigre, is displaying its ambitions. Namely: to make insects the miracle ingredient of healthier and more sustainable animal feed. “Physical sales represent 85% of the market for pet food in France, advances Basile Laigre to Release. By making our offer available in stores, we want to have an impact on animal health and the environment.”

trial balloon

The increased interest in these protein alternatives to meat is not recent. Following the authorization five years ago by European regulations, of the use of insects in pet food and aquaculture, many companies have embarked on this promising business, but still in its infancy in France. . A trial balloon before the gradual extension of the consumption of mealworms and other crickets to owners of dogs and cats themselves? According to both its promoters and scientists, the breeding of insects for food purposes has undeniable advantages: first, it is more ecological (it requires less water, produces less greenhouse gas, takes less place makes it possible to recover bio-waste, among other things), then, these proteins are also nutritionally more interesting for the health of carnivores.

“Simple and easy recipes”

“There is a basic trend to offer more natural and less processed food to pets, says the co-founder of Reglo. Moreover, we have simple and easy to understand recipes from around ten plant ingredients and in a short circuit approach: more than 80% of the ingredients come from French regions, the rest being produced in the Netherlands. .” The young shoot is obviously not the only one to attack the large distribution. A pioneer in this segment, the French start-up Tomojo, which has also just raised 3 million euros to develop its croquettes based on flour from black soldier flies and mealworm, sells its products, for example, in Carrefour Markets in the Ile-de-France or certain Truffauts since the fall. An introduction to supermarkets closely scrutinized by the giants of the market, such as Purina or Royal Canin.


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