In the US, a septuagenarian files a complaint after the traumatic visit by the police officers from SWAT

It was an unfriendly visit received by a 77-year-old pensioner on January 4, 2022 in Montbello, near Denver (Colorado, USA). As reported BFM-TV After taking a statement from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), this septuagenarian filed a complaint against the police.

She accuses SWAT (a police special operations unit) of arriving at her home in the middle of the night, immobilizing her in a truck and searching her house. In a rush, her garage door was thrown open and a doll her children had given her was smashed.

A geolocated iPhone thanks to an app

But why did SWAT do a surprise search on this old lady? On January 3, 2022, a driver filed a complaint with Denver police about the theft of his truck. Inside were six weapons, including an assault rifle, two drones, $4,000 in cash and an iPhone.

The victim of the theft explained to investigators that his cell phone was geolocated using the Find Me cell phone application and that it was in a residential area in Montbello.

“Severe emotional distress”

Without taking the time to verify this information, Denver police ordered a SWAT intervention at the septuagenarian’s home, believing that’s where the phone was. But neither the truck nor the weapons nor the smartphone were found at her home…

The American filed a complaint on November 30, 2022 for “irreparable harm, including, but not limited to, uncompensated damage to property and severe emotional distress”. The authorities defended themselves by arguing that the situation was urgent because heavy weapons could have been at the woman’s home.

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