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According to a study published by S&P Global Mobility (formerly IHS Markit), the average age of light vehicles on the road in the United States has reached record highs. After five consecutive years of growth, the 283 million cars and pick-ups making up the American car fleet are now 12.2 years old on average, two months older than a year earlier. This record is beaten while the United States has 3.5 million additional light vehicles compared to the previous year.

While passenger cars and pick-ups had a similar average age in 2016, around 11.5 years, the gap has been widening ever since. The cars are now a year and a half older, or 13.1 years, compared to pick-ups, which appear at an average age of 11.6 years.

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Increased average mileage

average age car fleet usa 2022
In the United States, cars are on average older than pickups.

S&P Global Mobility notes that this increase in the average age of the American car fleet is directly linked to the shortage of new and used vehicles, itself caused by the global shortage of semiconductors and the disruption of supply chains. . By domino effect, the firm notes that scrapping has also decreased. In 2021, 11 million vehicles were destroyed in 2021, i.e. 4.2% of vehicles in circulation, i.e. “the lowest annual rate of the last two decades”, according to Todd Campau, Associate Director of Aftermarket Solutions at S&P Global Mobility.

In comparison, 15 million vehicles were scrapped by American motorists in 2020, or 5.6% of the fleet in circulation. Another lesson of the study, the average annual mileage of Americans increased by 10% in 2021 to return to pre-pandemic levels, i.e. 12,300 miles (about 19,800 km).

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The 3.8-year-old electric vehicle fleet

Moreover, the average age of electric vehicles is 3.8 years in the United States. There are now 1.44 million units, or 0.51% of the total fleet, up around 40% year-on-year. Typically American particularity, it is pick-ups and SUVs (the famous “light trucks”) which mainly drive up the number of electric vehicles in circulation.

These account for more than 50% of new electric vehicle sales. To note that the average mileage of electric models tends to approach that of other vehicles with 12,000 miles per year (19,300 km).

ford f-150 lightning electric pickup
In the United States, 1.44 million electric vehicles are now on the road. These are mostly SUVs and pick-ups.

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