In the middle of a storm in the US, this journalist moans and goes viral

MEDIA – Television news organizations have a long tradition of sending their reporters despite catastrophic weather conditions. But when Mark Woodley, an American sportscaster, was sent on assignment in the middle of the night to cover a blizzard in Iowa, he said he wished he had stayed in bed.

The journalist who works for the KWWL channel went viral on Twitter after posting a compilation of the best moments from his late night duplexes. As you can see in our video at the top of the articlehe complained many times with humor, live on television.

When the presenter asks him how he feels outside in the freezing cold, Mark Woodley sarcastically replies: “Exactly like eight minutes ago when you asked me the question”.

Smile on his face and microphone in hand, he pretended to be excited that we had made him work “Five hours before my usual waking time, standing outside in the wind, snow and cold telling people not to do the same”.

A historic and deadly cold image

As the snow falls in large flakes and the journalist seems chilled in his parka, he invites viewers to watch his program in the coming hours, “watching my mood deteriorate”.

Early in the morning, once it was daylight, Mark Woodley made another direct from Waterloo, Iowa “fortunately for the last time”before you hang up the antenna.

If his video made netizens laugh, the blizzard currently hitting the US center is extremely dangerous.

Millions of Americans have been without power, states of emergency have been declared in several states and snowfall is making some roads impassable this Christmas weekend. In total, authorities confirmed at least 13 deaths across six states on Saturday, December 24.

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