IN PICTURES – In Bléré, “mad love” between the dogs and the gendarmes of the canine investigation group

At the Bléré gendarmerie, the kennel and dog facilities are part of the premises, like the rooms of the two-legged soldiers. Ibiza, Tyson and Rocky, the three dogs of the canine investigation group, are pampered by the dog masters who are particularly attentive to their education. Each policeman in the group has his canine partner, with whom a very special bond is created for years. “Throughout the career, we will be with them and they will accompany us on all our technical missions.“explains Romain, whose partner is Tyson, 4 and a half years old, particularly playful.

The stock of croquettes! Up to 300 grams per meal © Radio France
Camille Huppenoire

Technicality is the specialty of the dog. For some, it’s looking for people, following a lead. For others, the search for narcotics, weapons, ammunition. From these military dogs, a main quality is required. “Êvery playful! All skills are based on the game” answers Sandrine, whose the dog Rocky was adopted from a SPA shelter by the gendarmeriethanks to a recent agreement to facilitate these adoptions.

The pair was trained, like all the others, at the National Center for Cynophile Instruction of the Gendarmerie, in the Lot. Where the dog and the policeman are… married. “We are in line, we patiently wait our turn, so that the instructor marries us with the dog that best suits us” continues Sandrine, who by her own admission, has in common with Rocky to be “stubborn ! And not to let go. The only difference is the weight.” With his 40 kilos, Rocky is particularly impressive. Like his comrades Ibiza and Tyson, he needs daily activity.

Tyson, a very dynamic dog!
Tyson, a very dynamic dog! © Radio France
Camille Huppenoire

Because if these breeds – Malinois, German Shepherd – are appreciated by the military, they require constant involvement. Too much, perhaps, for some owners who abandon their animals, recovered by shelters.It’s a great dog, the Malinois, but it’s a dog that requires a lot of attention, work, availability. It’s not a dog you buy to put on the sofa“explains Warrant Officer Pascal Beauciel, who entrusts”crazy Love“between him and Ibiza, female Belgian Shepherd Malinois close to retirement.”It’s been a kiff between us for 8 years.

In Bléré, the three dogs have their kennel, their individual “rooms” for the night, a closed meadow to frolic. They could soon welcome two other friends, because the GIC of Bléré normally has five dogs. All races are welcome as long as they have the skills… and a taste for the game.

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