Immigration Mexico / United States: “Title 42” remains in place

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It was a promise from the Biden administration: the lifting of “Title 42” on May 23, 2022. This health measure, introduced by Donald Trump in March 2020, which allows the expulsion of migrants without procedure. But, late last week, a federal judge in Louisiana blocked its waiver. A new hope showered for the candidates for departure, massed at the border.

A federal judge in Louisiana prevented, Friday, May 20, 2022, the administration of Joe Biden from lifting a health measure implemented by the Trump administration, during the Covid pandemic, to be able to deport without delay migrants crossing borders without visas. United States land. The federal government immediately announced its decision to appeal the judgment. In the meantime, Title 42, which is still in force, leaves them no chance of seeking asylum. A measure that today seems more than ever unfair in the eyes of Haitian and Central American migrants who are massing at the border, as in Tijuana, where went Gwendolina Duval.

End of presidential campaign in Colombia

One week before the first round of the presidential election (May 29, 2022), the final public meetings of the presidential campaign were held on Sunday, May 22, 2022, in Colombia in a climate of great nervousness and ever more polarized. The opponent and left-wing senator Gustavo Petro, a former guerrilla and former mayor of Bogota converted to social democracy, continues to lead the race in the polls (41%), suggesting for the first time arrival of the left in power, in a country historically led by conservatives. At the head of the Historic Pact coalition, Mr. Petro ended his field campaign, which began very early and was carried out throughout the country, with a large meeting in a historic square in the center of Bogota, crowded with people. Federico Gutierrez, known as “Fico” by his supporters, the conservative candidate meanwhile held a meeting on his land in Medellin, also in front of thousands of his supporters, promising to “win the elections” and make the polls lie.

Haiti: the 2021/2022 budget deciphered

Daily gang crime, political crisis brewing since the assassination of the president: the panorama could not be more uncertain for Haiti, and the country’s already very weak economy is even more on the verge of implosion in the face of the consequences war in Ukraine on world markets. At the microphone of our correspondent Amelie Baron, the economist Kesner Pharel draws up a severe analysis of the budget that the country’s authorities finally presented this month of May 2022, more than two quarters late. The Haitian economy now fears the return of food riots. One more crisis which, with the insecurity of the gangs, is accelerating the brain drain: Haiti is losing its entrepreneurs and its middle class, which is plunging the country even further into this vicious circle of crisis.

And on the front page of the Journal de la 1time : Overseas territories less exposed than the rest of France to the risk of money laundering, according to the latest report from FATF, the Financial Action Task Force.


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