How to occupy your dog when you are away?

Do you have to go away and your dog has to stay home alone? When absences are unavoidable, arrangements should be made accordingly. What do you need to know to take care of your dog?

Depending on the breed and character of the animal, some dogs tolerate moments of loneliness better than others. The periods of absence constitute a fundamental criterion in the process of adoption.

Take some time with him before you go

It may seem logical, but the simple fact of planning a moment of complicity with your pet before you leave helps it to better tolerate loneliness.

It can be a walk or an intellectual stimulation activity to occupy your dog. It is important to establish aroutineยป, with a fixed time slot, when these periods are usual or frequent. For example, before leaving for work.

A view or access to the outside in case of absence

Keeping your dog busy also means looking after the quality of his living environment. Make sure it has access to the garden or yard. He can thus exert himself and vary his activities.

If he has a view of the street or a landscape, he can engage in a surveillance activity, observe the surroundings. To avoid possible complaints from the neighborhood, it is advisable to ensure that your animal does not bark in an inopportune manner or does not cause any nuisance during your absences.

Toys to occupy your dog

Leaving toys available allows your dog to be occupied for more or less prolonged periods of absence. Think stuffed animals, balls, or sound toys. He can have fun without asking for company.

Another trick is to offer him a chew bone or similar products. In addition to soliciting his attention, he is not tempted to nibble on the furniture. This is all the more important for puppies still in their education period.

A basket or space dedicated to their well-being

Arranging your pet’s living environment also means providing a basket adapted to its size. Ideally, he should have a space dedicated to him. The provision of a candy dispenser is possible.

As mentioned above, think about his favorite toys and objects to occupy your dog. If the food requires specific times of the day, as well as rigorous control, it is essential to leave him a bowl of fresh water so that he can quench his thirst.

And why not find him a companion?

Another way to occupy your dog is to have a companion at home. This choice nevertheless depends on the possibilities of reception and your budget.

Both animals must also be sociable. Preferably, they should be of a similar temperament and age. It can be a cat or a dog; of the same race or not.

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