How to get rid of spiders at home? 4 natural tricks

Spiders are part of the arachnid family. They like to take refuge in every corner of the house and appear at any time of the day. You will see them popping up all over the house. You will then seek by all means to get rid of it. Then discover an inexpensive and effective trick to achieve this!

Although killing spiders would be synonymous with misfortune or bad luck according to some popular beliefs, you will undoubtedly remain convinced that they would be better off outside your home. These natural and practical means below can be used to avoid the invasion of these undesirables.

How to get rid of spiders?

Although their presence is not appreciated inside our home, we must admit that spiders are an excellent weapon against insects living in the house. However, certain species can be the source of many phobias. So you can use this ingredient to get rid of it once and for all.

– Use lemon essential oil against spiders

lemon oil

Lemon oil – Source: spm

If you have a phobia of spiders, lemon is your best ally. It is possible to prepare a remedy at home with this popular ingredient. To avoid chemicals, it is advisable to use this natural product that acts as a repellent against spiders that invade your home. For this, just mix in a liter of water, a tablespoon of essential oil of lemon or lemongrass. Then, shake your mixture and then using a vaporizer, spray the liquid in the places frequented by these arachnids, especially in the main corners of the house (windows, ventilation grilles, etc.). Lemon peels can also be used as a natural spider repellent. You can rub them against your shelves, cupboards, doors before placing them in certain corners such as window sills. In the same way, it is possible to vaporize other essential oils such as mint or lavender oil which are effective and ecological. You can even add a few drops of two or three essential oils to your repellent.

Other tips to keep spiders away from home

The invasion of spiders often coincides with the change of season. The females choose a shelter to take refuge from the low temperatures while the males join them to mate. Although it is difficult to escape the phenomenon, it is possible to chase away these unwanted little beasts by adopting these other easy tricks.

– White vinegar to fight against spiders

White vinegar

Vinegar – Source: spm

White vinegar is known for its many properties, especially for eliminating insects from the garden. Real repellent against spiders, just spray a mixture of water and white vinegar using a spray to keep them away from your interior. You can put it on the openings around windows and doors as well as in all the places where spiders are likely to hide. Indeed, the acetic acid contained in this product gives off an odor that is not at all appreciated by spiders. This product can also burn these pests when in contact with liquid.

– Chestnuts and chestnut wood to repel spiders


Chestnuts – Source: spm

Spiders hate the smell of chestnuts and chestnut wood. Just pick up a few before placing them in important corners of your home. First consider cutting them in half with their bug for greater efficiency. This trick is effective if you don’t want to kill the spiders. It keeps them away from your home and keeps them from coming back. Chestnut branches can also be placed near windows.

– Mosquito nets, an effective spider catcher


Spiders – Source: spm

Installing mosquito nets seems to be the solution to prevent spiders from entering your home. Install this device on the windows to limit their appearance and it is possible to put it in all the openings of the house. This trick not only helps you keep spiders away but also mosquitoes, wasps and even flies.

Spiders often bother with their presence. It is therefore advisable to use natural and practical means to get rid of it. Note that by eliminating a spider, you also remove a potential hunter from your household!

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